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Last updated at 10:14 pm UTC on 3 November 2006
Email: mailto:danielv@tx.technion.ac.il

I've been playing with Squeak since release 1.23. Nowadays I'm studying Math and CS in the Technion. Some areas in Squeak that I've played with:

Celeste - A Squeak mail client. I did some scalability work, some MIME integration, used it for a few years.
SqueakMap - Early advocate. Designed the first simple UI for it.
(obsolete) BFAV - wrote the initial spec for it, helped guide its initial evolution and adoption.
MudPie - This is a baby of my own, a package-detangling system. Said by Juan to be useful in the MorphicSplitters work, I consider it to be in the start of its evolution. A paper about it was submitted to ESUG 2003 http://esug2003.esug.org/academic.htm and subsequently published in Computer Languages Systems & Structures.
Refactoring Browser - did part of the Squeak Port, which I maintained for a few years.
MC - some small contributions here and there.

Was a Squeak Guide during the work on 3.4 - 3.6.

I'm mostly interested in making Squeak more accepting of new ideas and tools:
  1. Making Squeak more malleable at the design level: replacing a few hard-worn specific implementations of tools (the good old Browser) by small frameworks that allow us to have varied, extensible tool sets coming from different sources.
  2. At the tool level, using the MC, MudPie SqueakMap and recently Kabungu to make Squeak into a friendly place for many small packages, loosely bound.

Summer of 2005 I'm doing a summer internship by invitation of Andrew Black at PSU in Portland Oregon, working on Traits (malleability at the language level) and more tool and design related stuff.

The elections team has been thinking about a Squeak voting system