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Croquet on Linux
Last updated at 11:12 pm UTC on 31 October 2006
Croquet 0.01 only contained a run-time for Windows. Here is how to make it run on Linux.

Please note that the official 3.4 VM already contains the patches as explained below. Please give it a try and report back!

Apparently you need this patch if you have GCC 3 the BFAV2 Archive. See 3239.html

How to install

Posted by Vanessa Freudenberg on Nov 8 2002
Additions made by Croquet on Linux on 13 Mar 2003

You need:

Build and install libffi if it is not on your system. You need both the lib and the headers in a place where Squeak's configure script can find it.

Unpack everything else into the same directory. That means, VPR's Croquet0.01.image, Ian's "platforms" directory, and my teasqueak patch (Squeak-3.2-5tea.diff) are all there.

Apply my patch. Delete and re-generate the "src" directory using VMMaker from the Croquet image. This will give you a new BitBlt plugin that's needed for Croquet. I chose to build all plugins internally, so I do not have to mess with various .so files.

Now that everything is in place, you should be able to run my script
teasqueak-3.2-5 -b

The "-b" option tells it to build. If that fails, compile on your own as usual. You should check the configure log if both FFI and B3DAcceleration were indeed enabled. You now have a VM versioned "3.2-5tea", to distinguish it from the normal VM.

Before I forget: Rename Content/Mars/ to Content/mars/. Directory name handling is not yet case insensitive.

Now you should apply the content dir patch codecontent-276-linux.patch/code that will change some hard coded texture paths for Windows to relative ones for UNIX.

Fire up the Croquet image again, this time using the new VM. My teasqueak-3.2-5 script does this, too. File in the two change sets. One installs the OpenGL bindings (via FFI), one adds support for non-case-sensitive file operations. You need to enable these in the Preferences panel, "general" category, "caseInsensitiveFileNames". Save the image.

Drag the right Teapot morph out of the green area. Wait. If you get a lightblue window everything is fine. Cancel the URL dialog. Wait again. You have to wait pretty long. On one machine it took an hour or so. You may take the time to skim the PDF.

After a while, the 3D world with all the portals should be displayed. Navigate with the yellow button. I would recommand mapping it to the right mouse button (-swapbtn VM option). This is what the teasqueak script does.

Let me know if this worked for you. It may well be I didn't remember some of the minor issues. Like a non-existent src/plugins.ext file when all plugins are made internal.

Anyway, have fun!

PS: I put a VM binary at http://isgwww.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/~bert/croquet. Maybe it works for you.


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