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Emacs key bindings
Last updated at 12:28 am UTC on 17 January 2006


The link from the Smalltalk goodies archive

To get going file this changeset in and then evaluate the following:
ParagraphEditor emacsBindings.


FAQ: Keyboard shortcuts and bindings
This is a new home for the Emacs key bindings changeset. It was originally written by Rocky Burt.

EmacsKeys by cgreuter@calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca Provides basic emacs key-bindings–Added September 3, 1998.

I have also come across a changeset by Chris Reuter Chris Reuter, however, I don't see much of a difference between the two. Though it was written in 2000. From what I can tell its just a customization (which is the same process I've reiterated once again tonight in 2002).

So, here I leave the original changeset from 1998. There is one change I made which was not a customization.

The ASCII code for $( was set as 27, which I'm not sure how that could work. It should be 40. Now, when in Emacs mode you can 'alt-shift-9' or 'alt-(' to make a set of parens "()". Also, setting the 40 value enables the other ctrl commands for "[]" and "<>". These are driven by ctrl, not alt.


This page is mainly a link for adding this code to SqueakMap - I just picked up the changeset - I'm just being introduced to this code.

9/2/03 - i have not been maintaining this at all recently... too many broken/haphazardly-constructed things need to be fixed for it to be really useful IMHO