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Last updated at 12:29 am UTC on 17 January 2006
the SqueakMap package is here

a rookie attempt at Fractals in Squeak!
some collected images

FractalForm can exist on its own, but for all the parameters which go into a given Form, FractalMorph is a cool interface.

Well, it is still pretty fun even with the limitations and its slowness, and is still very simple to use…

Get started by evaluating: (FractalMorph open).

Notes on Usage

I must cite my main source for a C implementation, which I transformed into the #createFractor method for FractalForm.

If you are playing with this in Squeak and see something that can be easily improved, let me know. I realize I should probably study up on fractals more because at this point I am stuck with this one algorithm (though I suspect there are a whole class of these and would like to make this aspect of the process into a parameter as well - that is something to consider - an algorithm parser).