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Last updated at 12:31 am UTC on 17 January 2006
This should be the first ( :-) ) implementation of the li/rpc-spec (http://lirpc.berlios.de/).

The software I'll program does share some ideas with my implementation of the XML-RPC Server.

The first files are available on ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/lirpc/. Both, server and client need LIRPCCommon.st.

The server will start on port 8201. To learn how to write a "service", look in LIRPCCallDispatcher class>>#initialize and LIRPCCallDispatcher class>>#getMyServices:.

An example for using the client with HttpTransport:
| t p |
t := LIRPCHttpTransport new url: 'http://localhost:8201/' asUrl.
p := LIRPCClient new transport: t; charset: 'macroman'; method: 'server.echo'; parameters: #('Hallo' 'Welt!').
p invoke "print it"

an OrderedCollection('Hallo' 'Welt!')