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DirectFB Squeak on the Zaurus SL-5xxx
Last updated at 5:22 pm UTC on 7 February 2007
By Tommy Thorn

I've worked on Squeak on the Zaurus (the Linux based SL-5xxxx, not the japaneese which is very different). The current version has working support for the touchpad and keyboard. Notice, this Squeak VM takes over the whole screen and keyboard and doesn't coexist with Qtopia (a feature, not a bug).



This particular VM must be run outside Qtopia. That is, from the application launcher run Shutdown, select Terminate Qtopia, and quickly press "/" at the console Wait... prompt, followed by "a" for a login prompt. Log in as root and launch Squeak for example like this:
./squeak -calibrate -rotate -memory 10m Squeak.image
(I've used dynapad-0.01 for all my development). To suspend (that is, turn off) the Zaurus, evaluate
(StandardFileStream fileNamed: '/proc/sys/pm/suspend') nextPutAll: '1'; close.


It's usable, but it could be much better. For example:


I started with a sqUnixDirectFB.c that Lee Salzman posted to the Squeak development list, but to get the touch pad working I had to hack the DirectFB package.