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Last updated at 12:32 am UTC on 17 January 2006
This change set will allow you to use TrueType based outline glyphs as a TextStyle. Once you load this change set, you will see 'ComicSansMS' style in the 'Change font' halo menu of the TextMorphs. You can add new styles by calling TTCFont>>newTextStyleFromTTFile: or, on 3.4, by selecting 'install ttf style' from the FileList. You definitely will want to try symbol.ttf:-)

On Mac, the fonts are not stored as separated files. We should wait for the Mac version of NativeFont plugin.

Thanks to Phil Hargett, the service mechanism for 3.4 FileList is added. Also, following his suggestions, now you can use TTCFont in MVC as well.

This change set was first written for the multilingualized Squeak and .TTC (TrueType Collection) file. The name of the class and the category name are reminiscent of it.

In the versions prior 4, there were two similar classes, but now those are merged into one.

Also, in version 4, bold, italic, and bold italic faces can be handled properly. Install the same family fonts and choose them from the Emphasis and Alignment halo.

In version 5, you can now use truetype in Nebraska. You have to install the fonts on both side before you launch Nebraska. You can also add new font size for a style.

Yoshiki (2003/ 3/22)