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Last updated at 12:36 am UTC on 17 January 2006

Alternative Word Jumping

This changeset modifies ParagrahEditor #nextWord: and #previousWord: so they will return the index of the next word inside a composed word (the meaning for a composed word would be for example this string 'aComposedWord').
As an example. Imagine that you just typed the string 'aComposedWord', and you want to change the 'Word' part. If you type CTRL+left arrow, the cursor will be at the first $a, not the $W. This changeset modifies ParagraphEditor behaviour so it can navigate inside composed words too.
I made a preference for this. It is named: useAlternativeWordJump. When installing this changeset it will be turned on. To disable evaluate: "Preferences disable: #useAlternativeWordJump"

disclaimer : I've using this cs for some time and it works as advertised but consider it as a beta release please.


Keyboard-Focus TAB switching

The following change-sets modifies a little bit the Squeak's Keyboard-Focus behaviour so when the mouseOverForKeyboardFocus preference is disabled (default value in current images) the only way to change the keyboard-focus will be via a mouseDown event or an special keystroke. (The last behaviour is not forced by default. The change-set just adds hooks so if you build a new morph and want to use you can. see Morph>>addToKeyboardFocusChain:)
Please note that the current logic of mouseOverForKeyboardFocus when false meant that a TextMorph wouldn't release it's keyboard-focus upon mouseLeave. But being the fact that every Morph get it's keyboard-focus upon mouseEnter results that you will lose the keyboard-focus anyways when moving the mouse.
important note: A side-effect to clickForKbrdFocus-hpt.cs is that now you need 2 clicks to reach a morph on a pasive system window. One click to activate it. A second click to give the submorph the keyboard focus. update! this is no more a problem if you file in the passWindowActivationClick.cs changeset also.

disclaimer: This change-sets are highly experimental!.


Pass window activation click

This .cs has Andreas Raab code to make system windows pass it's activation click to it's submorphs.
This changeset is recommended if you use clickForKbrdFocus-hpt.cs



KeyBinder modifies the way Squeak handles keyboard events and provides a framework for constructing keyboard bindings.
Basically KeyBinder gives to HandMorph the ability to manage a list of keyboard focus holders instead of a unique one.

Download KeyBinder from Squeakmap. In there you will find a KeyBinder package ready for massive consumption, though it is still very simple.