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ME2 Design Notes
Last updated at 12:37 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Design notes for Music Editor 2: A viewer/editor for common practice, western music notation.

Data Structures and music representations:

Picture of this arrangement:

MusicXML <--> MusicElementNodes –> Notation Morphs
—-> MIDI (Squeak's MIDIScore)

Transformations between formats:

The MusicElementNodes will have methods such as generateXML, generateMorph, and generateMIDI. Invoking one of these methods on the root node will cause an appropriate structure to be built recursively.

To generate a MusciElement tree from a MusicXML file, an event-based XML parser will be used.

The transformation of a MusicElement tree to Notation Morphs and MIDI is one way. The opposite transformation is not needed. Notation Morphs, if used for editing, affect changes to the original tree directly. MIDI is rarely edited directly.