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Last updated at 12:37 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Author: Diego Gomez Deck

Really simple physics simulations with Morphs. Every Morph contained in ManzanaUniversePasteUpMorph or in ManzanaPlanetPasteUpMorph with mass will be part in a simple simulation.

Manzana is the spanish word for apple, you can guess why I used this name :-)

The idea comes from Planetas, a job made by smalltalk students in a Smalltalk course at Facultad de Agronomía - UBA (in spanish).


Try it

Small description

TODO list


ManzanaUniversePasteUpMorph with 3 celestial bodies
Uploaded Image: playfield5.jpeg

ManzanaPlanetPasteUpMorph with some bouncing bodies
Uploaded Image: playfield6.jpeg

ManzanaPlanetPasteUpMorph with assorted morphs.
The arrows are Force morphs. Each time an morph touch these forces, the force is applied producing a change in the speed

Uploaded Image: playfield8.jpeg

ManzanaPlanetPasteUpMorph with some assorted morphs
Uploaded Image: playfield9.jpeg