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The Browser Reduction tool
Last updated at 12:38 am UTC on 17 January 2006
When working on a Smalltalk program in Squeak using the standard browsers, you may find yourself constantly opening new browsers, sometimes even when you may already have a class hierarchy, object inspector, or explorer already open on that object. This results in a lot of system windows on the desktop.

Loading this package will cause browsers already open in the same project on a class, method or hierarchy to be unminimized if necessary, then topped.

The criteria for whether a particular system window's Model will be eligible when it enumerates the windows on the desktop looking for a suitable browser can be easily customized for any model by implementing #maRepresentsSameBrowseeAs: anotherModel.

But the default criteria will be perfect for most developers. For example, it won't open a window that hasUnacceptedEdits, so you won't be forced into a decision to save you may not be ready to make.