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Last updated at 5:14 pm UTC on 7 July 2018
ComSwiki is shorthand for Comanche-based Swiki.

This Swiki you're reading right now is based on ComSwiki. (Actually, most Swikis these days are based on Comanche, so it's somewhat redundant to say ComSwiki... you could probably just use the term "Swiki" instead.)

To find out more about Swiki (ComSwiki), visit the Swiki Swiki homepage.

There you will find the description (platform - independent download) how to set up your own local wiki.

There is also a ready made setup using a Squeak image version 3.7. That is still a good version to run a stable wiki e.g. in an intranet for years.

Below are the installation instructions copied from that platform independent package

Comanche Swiki
version:		ComSwiki 1.5, "One Of These Days"
			Comanche 7.0.2
squeak:		3.7
date:		2 December 2005
by:			Je77 (Jochen.Rick@cc.gatech.edu)

To Set Up Your System:
1. Put the 'swiki' folder in the folder where the image file is
2. Start Squeak
3. Install Comanche through SqueakMap
	a. In the world menu, click on 'open...'
	b. Choose 'SqueakMap Package Loader'
	c. Install 'Dynamic Bindings (1.2)'
	d. Install 'Named Process (1.2)'
	e. Install 'KomServices (1.1.1)'
	f. Install 'KomHttpServer (7.0.2)'
4. Install 'Swiki.cs
5. Do: (ComSwikiLauncher openAsMorph)
6. Set the port by pressing the port button on the ComSwiki Launcher
	a. port 80 is the default web server port, though you may not have permission to use it
		(on various *nix implementations, users are not allowed port access to low numbers)
	b. port 8000, 8080 and 8888 are the other options
7. Save changes
	a. left button click on background to get World menu
	b. click on 'save and quit'
8. Start the server
	a. press 'start server' button on ComSwiki Launcher (this may take some time)
9. Use the AdminTool to set up the site
	a. go to http://mysite:8080/admin/help#getStarted (substitute your port number for 8080)
	b. the user:password pair is admin:password
	c. follow the instructions there to get started

To End Swiki on Comanche:
1. Press 'stop server' button on ComSwiki Launcher

To Automatically Start Comanche/Swiki:
1. Press 'save & exit' button on ComSwiki Launcher.
	note: the next time that Squeak starts, ComSwiki starts automatically

Miscellaneous Notes:
1. When downloading and transferring Swikis, you should transfer in binary mode