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Possible areas for eToy enhancement
Last updated at 12:45 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Posted to the squeak-dev list by Ned Konz on 2/12/2003
Added to the Swiki by Brent Vukmer on 2/13/2003
Reviewed by: dgd

I don't think that (currently) eToys has a rich enough vocabulary or model to make the kinds of apps that most people want to make. Some of its limitations:

2/13/2003 dgd

The scripts CAN have one parameter (and only one) of type Boolean, Color, Graphic, Menu, Number, Player, ScriptName, Sound or String. See for yourself in the menu activated with click on the Morph name (left to the script name) in the script editor

2/13/2003 bkv

Diego Gomez Deck has organized a team to work on Morphic – check out the "Morphic Cleanup Project (MCP)".