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Glamorous Toolkit
Last updated at 1:46 pm UTC on 14 March 2019
The Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment for Pharo. It is a browser construction framework.

Squeak uses ToolBuilder.

Tag: Glamour


Pharo user list 13-March-2019

> I also found Block and Brick which say they are next generation, Block
> being for graphics and Brick for widgets. These are not yet in Pharo
> and again I couldn't find any info although there is a tutorial for
> Block but not for Brick. Having forgotten most everything I knew I
> didn't have much success trying to run the Brick examples.

The best existing illustration of what you can do with Bloc and Bric
is probably GToolkit: https://gtoolkit.com/. It also serves as a warning
that this is not ready for prime time yet. For example, the current
version crashes Pharo rather quickly if you use native windows. It isn't
a tutorial either, of course, but a huge reservoir of examples.

So an important consideration is your development time scale. If you
have a deadline for a usable product, better don't bet on Bloc and Bric