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Last updated at 4:17 pm UTC on 10 November 2017
ActiveHand is a global variable set to the active HandMorph of the current World.

Implementation note

ActiveHand is used in the method #doOneCycleNowFor: of WorldState.

doOneCycleNowFor: aWorld
	"Immediately do one cycle of the interaction loop.
	This should not be called directly, but only via doOneCycleFor:"

	| capturingGesture |
	DisplayScreen checkForNewScreenSize.
	capturingGesture := false.
	"self flag: #bob.	"	"need to consider remote hands in lower worlds"

	"process user input events"
	LastCycleTime := Time millisecondClockValue.
	self handsDo: [:h |
		ActiveHand := h.
		h processEvents.
		capturingGesture := capturingGesture or: [ h isCapturingGesturePoints ].
		ActiveHand := nil

	"the default is the primary hand"
	ActiveHand := self hands first.

	"The gesture recognizer needs enough points to be accurate.
	Therefore morph stepping is disabled while capturing points for the recognizer"
	capturingGesture ifFalse: 
		[aWorld runStepMethods.		"there are currently some variations here"
		self displayWorldSafely: aWorld].

More see: ActiveHand method processEvents