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Last updated at 11:36 am UTC on 17 November 2018
User interface (in the image) of the the Swiki application.

 ComSwikiLauncher openAsMorph

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This class provides a morphic interface to launch Swiki on Comanche.
In Morphic, doIt:
 ComSwikiLauncher openAsMorph
In MVC, doIt:
ComSwikiLauncher openMVCView

start/stop server button
press on this button to start or stop the Swiki server on the given port.
save & exit button
once everything is set up, this button will save and quit and turn
the swiki on at the next reboot. This is not to be confused with 'save
and quit' which does not restart the server.
port button
press on this when the server is inactive to change the port number.
Note: 80 is the default port for a web server, but many systems will
not allow a user to use it (Windows NT, Unix)

start the server
bring up ComSwiki Launcher's menu
press on the button next to X
chose 'open swiki browser...'