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Last updated at 1:39 am UTC on 20 November 2006
This page contains the links for downloading the Squeak virtual machine for Macintosh.

For the platform-independent files (*.image, *.changes, *.sources) see Downloading Squeak.

From general releases there are stuffit files which contain all what you need.

Where to get the image, changes and sources files

The official Squeak Download is at UIUC:

One mirror exists:

(StuffIt Expander users see DownloadForMacintosh to avoid getting corrupted files)

VM for all Macintosh systems (System 7.5.5 and higher, including OS-X)

3.8.14 is the current macintosh VM which is usable as far back as system 7.5.5. (which is our cutoff point for offical support).

This is an application package which works on both OS X and OS 9/8/7.5 and supports Croquet. It's in the directory ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/pub/Smalltalk/Squeak/3.8/mac

John McIntosh is the maintainer of the Macintosh Carbon VMs. He publishes them first on his Squeak Web Page.

Minimum VM version required for System OS-X 10.3 and higher

OS-X 10.3.x users must run at least a 3.6.1b7 VM or higher to avoid a crash in quickdraw introduced by Apple in 10.3.

Macintosh release - source code change notes
Macintosh release - notes about version 3.5

Last update 20-Oct-05 John McIntosh