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Learning How to Fish
Last updated at 5:47 pm UTC on 29 October 2017
Squeakers who like to answer newbie questions are encouraged to teach them how to fish, rather than continually give them fish. The purpose of this page is to help newbies to help themselves.

"Learn How to Fish"-type posts appear every so often on the mailing list; document them here!

Lex Spoon January 31, 2004 If you are ever looking at a class and wondering how to use it, try "class refs" from the middle-button menu when the class is selected. This will show you all the code in the system that mentions the class by name, and thus often leading you to examples of using the class.

In Morphic, you can open up the hood to see how things work by using the 'debug' halo handle. Press the blue mouse button above the Morph of interest, until the halo surrounds only the Morph in which you are interested, and then click on the light gray circle that shows a spanner (it will also say "debug" if you hover the mouse over it). Particularly interesting are "inspect morph" and "browse morph class".

If you want places to ask questions, visit:

[Add more ways here, sunit, examples in classes, browser trails ....]