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Last updated at 6:59 pm UTC on 9 May 2018
LibreOffice Draw file format
OpenDocument Drawing Document Format (ODG), Version 1.2, ISO 26300-1:2015

OpenDocument Format (ODF) Family, OASIS and ISO/IEC 26300


Extending the Swiss Army knife - an overview about writing of filters for LibreOffice



corresponds to direct formatting of an object and
correspond to the settings via style&formatting window. Although automatic styles "are considered to be properties of the object" it is not forbidden to use the same automatic style for more than one object. You have no UI for doing so, but you can do it in the file itself.

Code example

... styles created automatically based on direct user choices, e.g., for fill color for a particular shape, with references to fuller and named style specifications in styles.xml ...

<draw:page > ... vector graphics elements, for example a rectangle filled with the solid color specified in the named style gr1 

... <draw:rect draw:style-name="gr1" svg:width="12.1cm" svg:height="12.1cm" svg:x="4.635cm" svg:y="1.418cm"></draw:rect>