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Last updated at 12:21 am UTC on 1 November 2006

Name: Compiloo

Version Proposal: 1.0

Last-Modified: 9 May 2003

Status: starting

Created: 8 May 2003

License: Squeak-L or MIT


Main Leader:


Squeak deserves to have an excellent scanner, parser, AST and compiler. The compilo project aims at providing this.


The current parser, scanner, and compiler are not really adapted. The AST nodes are hardcoding the pretty printer information and they lack information such as the parent node to help AST walkers.


Provide an alternative to the current compiler set by proposing to have

Ongoing Actions and Next Steps

Backwards Compatibility

Leave old compiler in as well. If people are uncomfortable with the
SmaCC license they can remove it and use the old compiler.

Known issues

Changesets can be obtained from

Closure Compiler

What is the status of this endevour?