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(obsolete) BFAV
Last updated at 2:11 am UTC on 26 January 2020

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

The BFAV (Bug Fixes Archive Viewer) is a handy tool that makes it easy to submit fixes/enhancements or to comment on proposed fixes and enhancements for Squeak. The BFAV enables you to browse the Bug Fixes Archive, evaluate the changeset(s) for a given post, and correctly post a comment to the Squeak Mailing Lists – all from within the Squeak image.

Please note: the second generation BFAV, (obsolete) BFAV2, is now in released on SqueakMap.

The BFAV client has been replaced by the (obsolete) BFAV2 client. The original BFAV server is offline (formerly at sqfixes and sqbugs).

The BFAV package was marked on SqueakMap as obsolete (renamed as "BFAV-old" and commented appropriately) after sqfixes and sqbugs went offline. Since the backend is no longer available, the BFAV-old package has been removed from SqueakMap.

Archeologists interested in the code for the first version of the BFAV can take a look at:

At the moment, the Mantis Server bugtracker is also being investigated as a tracking tool. Although it is primarily being used for bug tracking, and BFAV is primarily being used for fix/enhancement tracking.