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Musical Objects
Last updated at 1:12 am UTC on 17 January 2006


Guido is a framework for modeling musical objects. It's name comes from Guido D'Arezzo, who invented musical writing.
It understand concepts like musical interval, chord, tonality, ryhytm, articulation, etc.
Chord new degree'I' from: MusicalScale natural; duration:1; play
It has two games for playing with chords.
Try open ChordPlayerMorph and open ChordMakerMorph or ChordPalleteMorph and drop chords on the player.


Music Interactive Lessons

Active essay on music: Scales, Intervals, Chords, Harmony. MIL.ZIP

AbstractSound retuning

Little enhacement of AbstractSound class for retuning sounds (MIDI and named notes) AbstractSound.st
AbstractSound tuning: 415 (DoIt and try a midi file)

Now I'm working on a complete retuning of abstract sound, so it can play in other tuning systems, like pitagoric or natural, instead of temperated.