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Bug Fixes Archive Viewer, v. 1.0
Last updated at 2:37 pm UTC on 18 December 2005
The BugFixArchiveViewer automates a good bit of the process of browsing to the Bug Fixes Archive, downloading a fix/enhancement changeset, evaluating the changeset, and posting a comment to the Squeak development email list. The 'post comments' feature creates a mail message that is automatically built with a Bug-Fixes-Archive-parser-compliant subject line.

This is for 3.6alpha images. The 1.0 version is definitely alpha software. There are a number of annoying Known Issues. Test pilots are the only people that may not tear their hair out when using the 1.0 version.

I have tested this load script on a current 3.6alpha image on Windows ( and a little on Unix ). The "post comment" feature is designed to work after Celeste is removed from the image.

Known Issues: