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Last updated at 3:25 pm UTC on 13 October 2003
   ******     Ed Kleban    A digital guy in an analog world
* * mailto:Ed@Kleban.com
* 54 * [http://www.kleban.com] Dead Link 13 Oct 03
* * 913-492-0572
****** fax 492-8928 Box 14768, Lenexa KS 66285, USA

Got my Squeak Site up in late November 1997, at [http://www.kleban.com/]. It contains copies of bug fixes and goodies I submitted, and a few from others that I use and want to recommend.

Stop on by if you have a chance. All comments, suggestions, and other feedback are welcome. My thanks to the other Squeakers who helped test the site and get it ready for prime time. – Ed