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Squeak Benchmarker
Last updated at 1:15 am UTC on 17 January 2006
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Posted on 10.06.2003 by Aaron Reichow on Squeaklist:


I have written up a little app for collecting benchmarks in Squeak, with
the hope of building a database of CPU/RAM/Bus/VM/Latest Change # along
with the results of the benchmarks.

See screen of the unfinished version-

What am I bothering the list for? I'm looking for a benchmarks. While I'd
like to provide a lot in this suite, I'd also like the input of those out
there regarding which of these benchmarks would be the most meaningful as
general indicators of Squeak performance.

It'd be nice to take it to the next level to average related benchmarks
and create benchmark indeces for Morphic performance, raw bytecodes, etc.