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Last updated at 5:13 am UTC on 14 June 2018
Squeak 5.1 includes as TTCFont

There are the DejaVu fonts StrikeFonts which have the same type of design.

17 January 2006

Bitstream has released a set of TrueType fonts with a very free license (which is embedded in the fonts themselves). This is version 1.10 talked about at http://www.gnome.org/fonts

This is nifty! So nifty I loaded TrueTypeTextStyle version 5 and found there were a couple issues with subfamily names, which I fixed. Then wrapped up in a sar file.

Which I have uploaded here, and also registered on SqueakMap so people can use it. Note, for 3.6/3.7 you should use the "Bitstream Vera Naked" package on SqueakMap.


The easy way to install these in Squeak3.6 is with the Package Loader.
Bring up the World Menu, choose "open..." -> "Package Loader". Pick the "Bitstream Vera Naked" package. (Don't pick the "Bitstream Vera Fonts" package – that's for older versions of Squeak.)

evaluate this to change all the fonts:

   (setButtonFontTo:      BitstreamVeraSansMono     18)
   (setListFontTo:        BitstreamVeraSans         18)
   (setMenuFontTo:        BitstreamVeraSans         18)
   (setWindowTitleFontTo: BitstreamVeraSans         24)
   (setSystemFontTo:      BitstreamVeraSans         18)
) do:
      [:triplet |
         Preferences perform: triplet first with: (StrikeFont familyName: triplet second size: triplet third)].

Smalltalk at: #BalloonMorph ifPresent:
      [:thatClass | thatClass setBalloonFontTo: (StrikeFont familyName: #BitstreamVeraSans size: 18)].

For some reason, the above code causes the icons in the Tools flap to vanish -tb

How they look

Uploaded Image: truetypestyle-newlook-bitstreamfonts.jpeg

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