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Old SqueakIRC Bot
Last updated at 8:39 pm UTC on 5 May 2008

  1. Old IRC Bot Commands
    • check out all the features available to anyone who wishes to send signals that may or may not cause an effect

  2. SqueakIRC Bot FAQ

  3. How To Run Your Own Bot
    • what does it take to start up your own bot?

  4. Download squeakIRC bot source
    • links to the source changeset, and a basic info base for Squeak
Bonus Stuff
  • See about infobots here
  • a hilarious anecdote concerning the security implications of running this Squeak IRC bot
  • squeak IRC bot's Rare and Obscure, but Documented, features
  • A complicated example of Squeak IRC bot usage
  • soundex test
  • Soundex format

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