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Active Essays
Last updated at 4:23 am UTC on 21 August 2018
An active essay is an essay on a computer that contains not only text, but some form of computerized text. Unlike a printed essay, an active essay can have animations, buttons, calculators, and even full-blown simulations built in to them.

A major goal of Squeak is to allow the creation of active essays.


Squeakland has examples of active essays at: http://www.squeakland.org/tutorials/

In the sense of DTSTTCPW a workspace with formatted text (different colors, different sizes for headings) and code actually serves the purpose of an active essay.

Or a book in the help browser with code snippets.

Or Squeak wiki pages accessed through the HelpBrowser.

On this Wiki there are

Example of a 'slide' of an active essay

Need to be tested / updated

The user interface to construct these essays is called the omniuser interface.

Implementation in other languages

We need more examples!

Why not write an active easy about something you find interesting, and post it on SqueakMap and/or the Swiki? The people on the Squeak Mailing Lists and in IRC channel will be extremely helpful with any difficulties you run into.