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Jerome Peace
Last updated at 11:46 pm UTC on 24 January 2009
I am a developing squeaker interested in puzzles and graphics.
My code initials are wiz

Recent contributions to the swiki

Gif Readers and Probes

Contribution to the squeak.

I feel passionately that squeak should be a great fun and elegant tool for exploring for all ages. Exploring is programing and etoying and more. Some of the more I call pokegrappling.

Poking around and grappling with morphs. Assembling then in to useful and fun tools. This is sort of like what John Holt refered to as mucking around. Something that kids do on the way to getting an better understanding of thing.
On their way to mastery of a subject.

What I've been doing since August 03 and before has been making better tools for pokegrappling.

These three things are available on squeak map. Usually the first place things appear are on the pages I've homesteaded on bob's superswiki.

As of 2008 Bob's superswiki has gone away. And so have my homestead pages. Bob's been good enough to send me a disk of the swiki so I can recover thing.

But now I have to recreate some space and figure out what and how I want to republish.


I've contributed heavily to the mantis bug tracker.

Now back to the old cobweby stuff:

I've found some bugs and fixes to polygonMorphs. Jerome Peace.

I've also pokegrappled some sliding block puzzles in morphic.
Which should appear somewhere along the line.

More later, Cheers and joy – Jer

Which reminds me one of the things I originally thought would be interesting to program in squeak was the Kissakae stuff.

And its time to add some thoughts on Sliding Block Puzzles in squeak.