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Roel Wuyts
Last updated at 1:26 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Roel used to work at the Software Composition Group in Bern, and as such is involved in the KCP (Kernel Cleaning Project). More specifically he is working on the SystemChangeNotification system (see SqueakMap), which will be used to clean some darker parts of the kernel (ChangeSet, for example). You might also know him from the StarBrowser (a browser for VW and Squeak, see http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~wuyts/StarBrowser/index.html) or from Soul (a logic programming language living in symbiosis with VW; older versions exist for Squeak. See http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~wuyts/Soul/index.html). He is now the leader of the Lab for Software Composition and Decomposition for (See http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~wuyts/Decomp/ for more information about the lab and its activities).

More information can be found on his (static) webpage at: http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~wuyts/.