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Last updated at 10:07 pm UTC on 26 December 2007
Version 2.1.3, December 26, 2007, Dave Lewis

Download XDisplayControlPluginV2-1-3.sar

The XDisplayControlPlugin package provides primitives for controlling the connection to an X display server for Squeak. Currently, this is useful for the Unix VM, but in principle can be used for any platform that can provide an X server, such as Win32, Mac OS, or OpenVMS. A running Squeak image may call these primitives to become headless, to open a display on an X server from a headless Squeak, or to connect itself to another X server.

XDisplayControlPlugin should be built as an external plugin with VMMaker. This is because it calls functions in the VM which are now resident in an external shared library (vm-display-X11.so), and XDisplayControlPlugin must also be built as a shared library in order for the linkage to work properly.

Changes in XDCP 2.1.3 since 2.1.2:

Changes in XDCP 2.1.2 since 2.0:

Changes in XDCP 2.0 since 1.0:

Previous versions of XDCP:

Version 2.1.2 XDisplayControlPluginV2-1-2.sar (April 2007)
Version 2.0 XDisplayControlPluginV2-0.sar (September 2005)
Version 1.0 XDisplayControlPluginV1-0.sar (September 2005)