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Win32NativeFonts Package
Last updated at 1:34 am UTC on 17 January 2006
The Plugin requires an implementation of the following (C-level) functions:

Font Enumeration

char *ioListFont(int fontIndex);
* Returns the name for the font with index "fontIndex" 
  (this assumes there's a way of enumerating the font names uniquely)

Font creation and queries

int ioCreateFont(int fontNameIndex, int fontNameLength, int pixelSize, int flags);
* Creates a font instance and return an "int" handle
  - fontNameIndex/Length: The font name
  - pixelSize: The requested size in pixels (not points)
  - flags: encoding bold/italic/underline/struckout

int ioDestroyFont(int fontIndex);
* Destroys the font with the given font handle

int ioFontWidthOfChar(int fontIndex, int characterIndex);
 Returns the width (in pixels) of one character in a font
  - fontIndex: the handle to the font
  - charIndex: the index of the character

int ioFontEncoding(int fontIndex);
* Returns the encoding for this font:
  - 0: Mac Roman
  - 1: ISO-Latin

int ioFontAscent(int fontIndex);
* Returns the ascent of the font

int ioFontDescent(int fontIndex);
* Returns the descent of the font

Font rendering

int ioFontGlyphOfChar(int fontIndex, int characterIndex, int formBitsIndex, int formWidth, int formHeight, int formDepth);
* Returns the form for the given character

Extended queries

int ioFontFullWidthOfChar(int fontIndex, int characterIndex, int width[3]);
* Returns the width of a character describing:
  - width[0]: The advance width before the glyph is drawn
    (may be negative -> underhang)
  - width[1]: The glyph width
  - width[2]: The advance width after the glyph is drawn
    (may be negative -> overhang)

int ioFontNumKernPairs(int fontIndex);
* Returns the number of kerning pairs for this font

int ioFontGetKernPair(int fontIndex, int kernIndex, int kernPair[3]);
* Returns a kerninpair:
  - kernPair[0]: Left character
  - kernPair[1]: Right charater
  - kernPair[2]: kerning value

TrueType specific

int ioGetFontDataSize(int fontIndex);
* Returns the size needed for embedding font data

int ioGetFontData(int fontIndex, char *buffer, int bufSize);
* Returns the data for font embedding

int ioFontEmbeddingFlags(int fontIndex);
* Returns the "font embedding" flags as defined by the TrueType specification
  (the embedding flags describe if and how fonts may be redistributed with documents)