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Last updated at 2:33 am UTC on 11 April 2007
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Class comments

The default class comment is:

Main comment stating the purpose of this class and relevant relationship to other classes.

Possible useful expressions for doIt or printIt.

instVar1 type – comment about the purpose of instVar1
instVar2 type – comment about the purpose of instVar2

Any further useful comments about the general approach of this implementation.

Contrary to popular belief it is meaningless as a comment and should be replaced.

It is, however, a pretty good reminder of what you might replace it with.

The class comment should be the key entry point for understanding the class.
Please identify any special methods which give examples, documentation, unit tests or other illuminating sections of code.

Class comments are easy to add: Just select the question mark box beneath the highlighted class (?). Update and then accept the comment.

Method comments

Reflection: retrieving comments from the Class