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SBlog Data Structures
Last updated at 1:42 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Here's a a partially filled out list of typical data structures that some of the web logs appear to use:

Uploaded Image: WEBLOGDS.GIF
The above diagram is meant to sketch some typical data structures and their relationships; this does not represent the implementation.

Post Description (Blog Entry)

Variable Notes
userid user identifier;
dateCreated ISO.8601
postid post identification number
description The main body of the post
title title of the post
link location; http://www.sblog.com/Johnson/0001.html
permaLink location; http://www.sblog.com/Johnson/0001.html

Note: How posts are referred to
All of the posts are numbered sequentially, where the numbered sequence identifier is referred to as the postid. Conceptually, this means that all posts are held in an array structure. Note that this means that an account may have postids that are out of sequence, as the ids are served througout the space on an as needed basis. As an example, the weblog 'John' may contain postids of 1, 2, 4, and 7 while weblog 'Mary' may contain postids of 3, 5, and 6.

Blog Description

blogName Name of the blog
blogid Identifier number for the blog
url The url entry point of the blog

Author (User) Description

Variable Example
username JohnnyJ
password johnIsKing
first name John
last name Johnson
nick name johnny
email address john@john.com
url of XML-RPC interface address www.sblog.com/sblog-xmlrpc

Here's the database schema layout for a full featured weblog server, MovableType: mysql.dump. Note that this is for informational purposes only, not for a direct translation of MT data structures.

SBlog Process Flow
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