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SBlog - Some Notes
Last updated at 2:17 pm UTC on 1 November 2006
Here's a copy of some notes sent to the participants:

Hi folks,

Here's an idea that the challenge members may want to consider. Cincom's James Robertson has written a blog server in VisualWorks. It's available from:


In his blog, James noted that the group may want to take a look at it.

Thought I'd pass it along. It's up to you of course, you may consider
porting it or design your own from scratch or ...

Also, I wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable with the tools that we're going to be using. As a group, you make the rules as to how you want to collaborate. Personally, I suggest the Swiki, and IRC on the squeak channel, but you're free to use whatever tools that you want. This includes things like using Monticello and the other packages you've suggested using in Squeak, so now is the time to speak up if you have questions or suggestions. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves about any issues that you may have at this point.

I think the easiest way to build the 'start image' is for everyone to build their own from SqueakMap. We'll list what the starting configuration should be, and then everyone should build from there. The initial list is at:

SBlog Start Image

I'll try to straighten out any inconsistencies that we have regarding
package conflicts before we get started, specifically with the XMLRPC server interface to 3.6.

Also, I need to know what you need from me before we get started. Do you think the outline of the 'product' is clear enough, or does it need to be further defined?


Jim, I don't know what everyone else's thoughts are, but I was going to try my hand at writing a script that loads in all of the required packages that we are going to use. It would be nice to simply file-in the code to your 3.6 image (this way everyone can be setup the way they like, but we all have the same packages).

I think we should look at James' code and reuse whatever we can! I imagine we can reuse a lot of the domain code, but the web, persistence, and rpc code will need to change. I can start looking at it this weekend.

What does everyone else think?

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