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SBlog - Templates
Last updated at 11:50 am UTC on 17 January 2006
When using web logs, the concept of templates is used to convey how a web page is to be generated in either 'front page' or archive form. Typically the template is a combination of specialized template tags with HTML. The specialized tags represent data that is contained within the web log database such as the author of the post, the body of a post, etc. Most of the popular blogs support these templates, for example here are the Blogger Tags. These types tags are standard web fare, you see them in various server pages including Squeak Server Pages.

For examples of complete templates, here are the default MovableType default templates. Note that they also use the template idea for generating their RSS feeds, comment input, etc. Virtually all their I/O goes thru these templates.

Typically these templates are combined with HTML and CSS style sheets, so that users may have different skins applied to their weblogs. Some authors even go as far as to allow the reader to select from a variety of skins, so that each reader may see the website with their own selection of CSS style sheet.