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Patrick C Castle
Last updated at 7:32 am UTC on 13 October 2003
I've been interested in Smalltalk for some time. For some reason, the way it was constructed seemed to speak (or is it squeak) to me....what can I say?!

Over the years I've played with many languages - I wouldn't call myself a serious programmer by any stretch of the imagination.

I quite like Visual Basic or VBA as a language (because I don't have to think too hard) and I think I could grow to like scripting languages. My favourite language is probably SQL believe it or not. I know it's just a query language but I like data retrieval for some reason.

I don't know if I will ever be a true Squeak head but I'd like to develop content management systems for my websites. Is Squeak the one for this? I guess we'll find out one day in the future when I have serious time to allocate to this.