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SBlog - Things we're learning
Last updated at 11:51 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Here's a place to put some notes about things we're learning as we go along:

<mschwenk> I learned some cool things seaside could do yesterday:
<jimb> sounds like there's a avalanche of new stuff coming
<jimb> mark, the things that you learn, could you put a bullet item on the Swiki for me
<jimb> so that I can write them up
<blaineb> mark: next version when I check in with have date and time...=)
<mschwenk> blaineb: thanks!
<blaineb> mark: me too!
<blaineb> I did one thing this morning that would have taken 100+ lines of Java poo
<blaineb> and did it with one line of Smalltalk!
<mschwenk> I hadn't realized there was an app with a save image button in sease.
<blaineb> incredible!
<blaineb> err, Seaside!
<mschwenk> I also didn't realize that the screenshot app could detect mouse clicks and pop up menus and let you click save image there too.