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Yacas Client
Last updated at 11:52 am UTC on 17 January 2006
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Sent on 16.10.2003 to the Squeak Mailinglist:

This experiment shows that it is possible to connect
Squeak to Yacas when Yacas is running in server mode
(and that Yacas actually runs in server mode on
Windows XP!)

Yacas is "Yet Another Computer Algebra System" and
is intriguing. One possibility is to use Yacas to
test Squeak computations. Another is simply to add
the power of Yacas to Squeak. And have some fun,
I guess.

I added Class comments explaining how to set up the
experiment. The preamble to the changeset explains
that I hacked this together knowing "nothing" about
Squeak network programming. I just looked through the
Squeak code and found the simplest way to send a
command to Yacas via TCP/IP and to get a response
back. If anyone would (please) provide me some
direction on the "correct" Squeak network classes
to use and perhaps a few suggestions on what is
needed, I would be appreciative.

I hope you like Yacas in Squeak and find this idea

Best ...

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