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anchor tag
Last updated at 11:52 am UTC on 17 January 2006
The main page of a weblog is divided into three separate areas:

Changes: (10-25-2K3 10:29PM PDT)
New Tag
<div class=editStory> place div around the edit story page to set label fonts

Changes: (10-25-2K3 9:15PM PDT)
Avi: Change the newStory and configure <div> to <SPAN>
New Tags:
<span class="newStory"> New Story on admin page
<span class="configure"> Configure application on admin page
<div class="login> Login anchorr on main page, archive page, and admin page

Changes: (10-25-2K3 8:25PM PDT)
The tag:
 &lt;div class="commentTextArea">

is incorrect. The class goes with the <textArea>:
 &lt;textarea class="commentTextArea" ...>

More Changes: (10-25-2K3 6:00PM PDT)
The TitleDescription display problem:
 &lt;div class="title">
   &lt;a href="/seaside/blog">This is a song of hope&lt;/a>
  &lt;div class="titleDescription">Not even yet</div>

should be:
 &lt;div class="title">
   &lt;a href="/seaside/blog">This is a song of hope&lt;/a>
  &lt;div class="titleDescription">Not even yet&lt;/div>

Title <div> should wrap both expressions

Note: Changes (10-25-2K3)
  1. Add anchors to the blog title (the colors should now stay the same :)
  2. On the calendar <TD> tags, remove the center attribute; the style sheet will take care of this automagically, no need for a tag.
  3. Add the class 'calendarArchiveDate' to the date that you've selected on the archive page.
  4. Add a 'commentBody' DIV around your comment editor.
  5. Add the tag 'class=commentTextArea' to the <textArea> of the comment area


Here is a definition of the CSS tags that the Squeak Weblog Server uses:

Calendar Tags
Used for the mini calendar on the sidebar; Calendar is layed out in a table
<div class=calendar> DIV starts calendar definition
<span class=calendarCaption> Caption for the calendar, ie October 2003
<tr class=calendarTitle> Name day titles (Sun, Mon, .. )
<span class=calendarArchiveDate> Current day on archive page
<span class=calendarNext> Next month link
<span class=calendarPrevious> Previous month link

<div class=commentTitle> Caption usually 'Comments' with a separator
<div class=commentBody> The body of the comment
<div class=commentStamp> date, author stamp
<div class=commentTextArea> Text Area for comment input

Main Blog Tags
<div class=mainBody> Defines the start of the box that contains the sidebar and the main content pane
<div class=title> The main title of the Weblog
<a class=title> Link back to front page
<div class=titleDescription> The description of the weblog; usually attached as a byline
<div class=mainContent The pane that displays the blog contents
<div class=sideBar The pane that displays the recent entries and archive links
<div class=blogDate> Contains the posting date of the Post Entry
<div class=blogPost> Marks the start of a Post Entry
<p class=blogPostTitle> Marks the Title of the Post Entry
<div class=blogStamp> Marks the beginning of the time, date, anchor and comment of a Post Entry
<div class=recentEntries> Marks the title 'Recent Entries' on the Sidebar
<div class=archiveEntries> Marks the title 'Archives' on the Sidebar
<div class=sideEntry> Marks the beginning of a Sidebar entry, e.g. recent entries
<ul class=sideBar> Marks the beginning of a list in the Sidebar
<li class=sideBar> Marks the beginning of a list entry in the Sidebar
<p class=syndicate> Marks the beginning of the syndication element in the Sidebar

Here's the package of CSS style sheets given to the developers: cssExample.zip (10-24-2K3)