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Bug Fixes Archive Viewer, v. 1.29
Last updated at 11:55 am UTC on 17 January 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

This release finally folds in some fixes that are a bit overdue for inclusion. (Sorry about that, Stephane, Ned, Ken, Daniel and Doug!)

There are also some minor enhancements to prepare for BFAV 2.0.

Release Date:
November 4th, 2003

I made a few small changes to CommentNotePad to simplify the menu options and to move BFAV traffic from the squeak-dev list to the squeak-harvest list.

I also incorporated a few enhancements from contributors, barely changed (if changed at all). Here are the enhancements as sent to me:

Date Posted Title Author Description
21 July 2003 BFAVsaveAttachmentAs-dew.cs Doug Way Adds a 'save as...' menu item to each attachment submenu. Also, the 'save as...' fill-in-the-blank prompt re-uses the last saved directory, in case you are saving a bunch of attachments to the same directory.
13 August 2003 BFAVStreamCompatibility-nk.cs Ned Konz This brings the BFAV's usage of the SimpleServiceEntries into line with the new changes that should be happening to use streams instead of file names (to browse remote files, zip entries, etc.).
3 October 2003 BFAVGroupSend.cs Daniel Vainsencher Enhances the CommentNotePad to be able to send a new post to everyone who has posted on a topic.
2 November 2003 Have one location for default load-updates batch size Doug Way One other minor request: A couple of times, for my own use, I've changed the default # of downloads from 500 to something like 2000 or 4000. This number 500 seems to be scattered 2 or 3 times in both the model and UI changeset... perhaps it could be moved to a single place like a class method somewhere in the model changeset? (See BugFixArchive>>defaultLoadCount and senders in this release [bkv])

These fixes were incorporated with only minor changes, if any. Here are the fixes as submitted to me:

Date Posted Title Author Description
31 July 2003 AttachmentsWithFullPath.cs Ken Causey Sometimes mail message attachments get named with absolute instead of local filenames. This fix addresses that problem.
11 August 2003 [BUG] BFAV requires net access Daniel Vainsencher I was trying to open as a mail a response I'd written, so that it would get put in my Celeste queue for later sending. I think this shouldn't require net access - being able to work offline is an important feature. (In 1.27 and before, this required being online due to a stupid bug. I made a 1-line fix to ArchivePost>>asMailMessage [bkv])
6 0ctober 2003 BFAVAbsoluteSaveFix-nk.cs Ned Konz Improved error handling when the server is down. Improved loading of saved posts. Tweaked fix for saving archive posts in the BFAV when they have absolute pathnames.
12 October 2003 FIX-BFAV.cs StephaneDucasse #2 Fixes the problem in 3.7 where BFAV crashes at open-time when files with extensions other than .cs or .st are in the email directory