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Photos of Squeak BOF 2003 Speakers
Last updated at 11:55 am UTC on 17 January 2006

John McIntosh - AppleScript shell for RS-232 & DVD control
Uploaded Image: JohnMcIntosh.jpg
Colin Putney - Monticello
Uploaded Image: Montecello.jpg
Ned Konz - Connectors with Constraints - Genie gestures for apps, etc.
Uploaded Image: NedKonz.jpg
Ned Konz with Tablet PC
Uploaded Image: NedKonzTablet.jpg
Julian Fitzell - Seaside
Uploaded Image: Seaside.jpg
Stephan Wessels - NsGame connection game
Uploaded Image: StephanWessels.jpg
Takashi Yamamiya - Natural Language game / Skeletons with Constraints
Uploaded Image: Takahashi.jpg
Nathanael Sch?li - Traits
Uploaded Image: Traits.jpg