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SmallBlog - Going Forward
Last updated at 11:57 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Now that the Squeak Weblog Server challenge has been completed, the next interesting exercise is to take the result and turn it into a fully featured project. This process involves two points, figuring out where we are currently, and figuring out where we want to go. I'll just start sketching out some of the questions that I have, some of the things I think we need. Please add your comments.

Things To Do

Do we need a development version in addition for packaging purposes?
Needed Packages

Updates - 8 November 2003

The demo server is now at http://smallblog.wellthot.net.
The SmallBlog package has been registered on Squeakmap.
An email alias has been created for the sblogteam. Send mail to sblog at wellthot.net. Let Mark Schwenk know if you want to be added or removed from this alias.


Using Seaside brings up several questions:

Features to Add


SBlog Challenge Participants Area
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