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SmallBlog - Installation Instructions
Last updated at 11:58 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Here are the preliminary step by step instructions for installing SmallBlog into a virgin Squeak 3.6 image. (Last updated: 11-9-2003)

Bring up the World menu and select 'open'

Uploaded Image: WorldMenu.gif

From the Open menu, select 'Package Loader':

Uploaded Image: OpenMenu.gif

The Package Loader Window will appear. Find the 'SmallBlog' entry

Uploaded Image: PackageLoader.gifNote: If SmallBlog does not appear within the PackageLoader, check to make sure that the settings as shown directly below are correct:

Uploaded Image: EnsureMenu.gif

From the Package Loader window, select 'SmallBlog' and bring up the menu for that item. Select 'install':

Uploaded Image: InstallMenu.gif

During the installation, you will be asked several questions. The first question asks if you would like to install updated package handlers. Answer 'yes'.

Uploaded Image: SARMenu.gif

Next, you will be asked for user names and passwords. You'll need to remember these to administer your weblogs. The first combinations is to administer the web tools being used:

Uploaded Image: configAdmin.gif

Uploaded Image: adminPassword.gif

Later, for the blog administration:

Uploaded Image: blogAdmin.gif

Uploaded Image: blogAdminPassword.gif

Next the 'SmallBlog Readme' window appears. The Readme window has the latest information about configuring the weblog server. Installation is complete! At this point, you probably should save your image under a new name. Use the World menu, and select 'save as'.

Next, Configure the Weblog Server.