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Last updated at 2:36 am UTC on 11 April 2007
Author: German Arduino

Version 1.1:

Uploaded Image: mt1.jpgMorphic UI of MiniToDo
Uploaded Image: mt2.jpgList of To-Do's in html format

Download 1.1:

26/06/2006 Features added:
- Export ToDo data to serialized file.
- Import ToDo data from serialized file.
- HTML generation of ToDo data.

To Run:

Evaluate in a workspace:

SistemaTareas new initialize openAViewOnMe

ToDo's for MiniToDo :)

Version 1.0:

Uploaded Image: minitodo.jpegMiniToDo is a simple "ToDo" list developed to explore the development of traditional systems in Squeak, storing the data as abjects and using Morphic as GUI and (soon) Seaside.

Download 1.0: