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Cascading messages
Last updated at 8:07 am UTC on 9 May 2018
Casading is a special syntax which allows multiple messages to be sent to the same object, The use of a ";" to concatenate messages together provides a compact form of notation and may eliminate the need for temporary variables.

 anObject methodCall; anotherMethod call; another

A contrived example:
 dict := Dictionary new.
 dict at: #one put: 1; at: #two put: 2

The value returned by the cascading expresion is the value returned from the last message; intermediate returned objects are ignored. Many messages return self but others do not.

For example:
 dict := Dictionary new at: #one put: 1; at: #two put: 2 
 sets dict to 2 not to a Dictionary(#one->1 #two->2 )

 poly := PolygonMorph new borderWidth:2; arrowLength:4 
Sets poly to a PolygonMorph(278)

Note also that
poly := PolygonMorph new; borderWidth:2; arrowLength:4
is, of course, entirely different - applying the cascaded messages to the Class PolygonMorph, not the instance of PolygonMorph.