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The Squeak Box
Last updated at 12:15 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
As a start, here is the The Squeak Box I sent out on December 11. Also check out http://www.fflinux.org. The rest of this page is intended to be a combination of answers to FAQs and helpful tips from people who have the Squeak Box and have learned useful or fun things to do with it.

Q: [From John Maloney] Is the CF card file system available to Squeak?
A: Yes. Squeak doesn't know it isn't just running with a small hard disk.

Q: [From Chris Becker] The VIA EPIA has composite and S-Video TV-Out. I'm curious if special software is required to drive this port. Have you tried it with a television?
A: [From Ned Konz] Look at http://www.viaarena.com/ and at the Video4Linux site. You can set up the XFree86 config file to have both TV and regular XVGA out.

Q: [From Robert Kovacic] Are the linux and Squeak versions that are loaded onto the CF card available separately anywhere? ie. without the additional Weather software. I already have a VIA with a 128MB CF IDE and would like to use it as a Squeak PC.
A: [Dan I.] First of all, the Squeak Box is not shipped with my weather software, but with Squeak 3.6 (plus games and OSProcess). Then, if youwant to know more about the Linux, check out http://www.fflinux.org, Mike Rueger's swiki that details his work on this.

Q: How much Linux will I need to know just to run Squeak? I'm mainly concerned about using USB memory sticks, peripherals, powering off the system, etc.
A: [Dan I.] Almost nothing. It boots straight to Squeak. I never knew Linux or Unix before I got into this. I have learned a couple of useful tricks from a plastic Linux card I got at the Truckee bookstore or from asking Mike R. I'll add a page with some of the issues you mention.

Q: Will there be a way to restore (from some kind of backup) the initial flash configuration so that the system can be restored to its pristine condition?
A: [Dan I.] I think we're close to being able to clone CF cards from a disk image. I haven't done it in a way that worked, but Ned Konz has (although I don't know if he has verified bootability yet). I'll verify and post a page with this info.

Q: Ok, the inevitable question - what does "0 tinyBenchmarks" say? /Göran Krampe
A: [Dan I.] I get 17,362,995 bytecodes/sec and 736,717 sends/sec on the low power (533 MHz) processor. There are faster ITX boards, but this is the one I'm using.

Q: Has anyone tried audio input yet? With a VIA ME6000 I get a very bad, very loud sound out the speakers when I try and record, whether a mic is plugged in or not.