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Notes on BFAV2 pre-alpha smoke test
Last updated at 12:16 pm UTC on 17 January 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

Pre-Smoke Test Notes

Using the window menu to filter down to 'approved groups' doesn't seem to work. Notably the single message '[ENH] Chronology-i-ConvertTDateTTimeTTimestamp1of2.2.cs' with no followup messages appeared in the list. KLC

Hmm. This is a tough one. I'm sure it's been obvious all along that relying on the subject of the message to work out which messages should be grouped together is problematic. This can really be seen by finding the group titled 'UndefinedObject'. It spans more than a year of messages which are clearly all not from the same conversation. KLC

UI Confusion. Perhaps this has something to do with my note above about approved groups. Within the window menu (among other items) there are two groups of filter 'checkboxes'. One has the items 'show approved groups', 'show closed groups', and 'show groups that have been assigned an update number'. In the other group you have 'show announcements', 'show bugs', 'show enhancements', 'show fixes, ' and show goodies'. Now there seems to be a contradictory use of this interface here. The second group clearly shows matching posts when the option is selected. However the first group would seem to filter down the list to ONLY show the matching posts. Whether or not it actually succeeds in doing that is a seperate issue. But this seems confusing to me. KLC

On choosing 'open comments note pad' from the menu at the top of the scroll bar in the package list pane I get a debugger:

Receiver: a CommentNotePad(1822)
Arguments and temporary variables:
aString: 'No more ArchivePost#title:'


If you are viewing by group and type something into one of the filter fields at the top, say '*Daniel*' into the Author name: field. What should it be doing? The listing seemed to change but I had all sorts of posts that people other than Daniel posted and Daniel didn't even seem to be in most of the author names. KLC

OK. I think maybe I've found the answer. I instead searched for Causey in Author name and got much fewer results so it was easier to see. It would appear that if any post in the group has the text in the author name then the entire group is shown. This makes sense I suppose. In the long run I think this interface will benefit from a two level tree view.KLCChange the label for the text search so it refers only to the title and not the body (assuming only the listing is searched).KLCNeed better handling of HTML formatted messages.KLC- If Scamper has been loaded, then HTML formatted messages are scrubbedbkv– This looks better, but still needs work (some mail clients seem to send a message in both text and HTML, which ends up with duplication)bkv— Actually that's entirely normal. All email clients are supposed to always include a plain text version of the message. The HTML is supposed to be an alternate version. It's been a little while since I looked this up but the mechanism is specified as part of MIME and shouldn't be difficult to handle. At this point not a major issue and I don't think it should hold back an initial release.KLC

What is the '[<number> posts]' text in the title meant to tell us? KLC

I'm gettting occasional errors 'Object is not in the collection' when selecting messages. I'm not sure yet, but I suspect there is a problem handling the latest.zip file. KLC

Seems like there might be a problem with PostGroup handling.

External Image

The selected post is clearly shown in the wrong group. Also the first two entries in the list have the same ID and appear to be the same post. However at a glance the other groups seem to be OK. KLC