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Instance based Class Diagrams
Last updated at 12:18 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
This class diagrammer attempts to show the relation between classes based on what it finds in the classes instances.

The goal is to get a quick overview of an already existing system, with instances alive and running.

Currently it attempts a basic automatic layout and then it leaves the final arrangement to the user.

The still not developed idea is to analyze relationships only in some instances of the classes, so you see how different subsets of the classes relate to each other (difficult for an static analysis tool???).


(I helped with the layout)

With the class category "Kernel-Numbers" it produces this diagram:
Uploaded Image: Class Diagram - Kernel Numbers.jpeg

Take a quick look at how the complex PDA morph is organized:
Uploaded Image: Class Diagram - Morphic PDA.jpeg


The diagram allow exploring relations, expanding the diagram scope as needed by the user. You can start with a single class and then explore named relations, subclasses or superclasses. To give an idea of the current possibilities, here is an example context menu for the classes:
Uploaded Image: Class Diagram - Class Menu.jpeg


CDClassDiagramWindow new openInWorld

Then use the toolbar to add classes or whole class categories.
Once you have at least one class, you can add related classes from the context menu of it.


As you might have discovered, I'm using the great and all mighty Connectors.


for Connectors 1.9: ClassDiagrammer-gm.cs.gz
for Connectors 2.1: ClassDiagrammer-gm.Conn21.cs.gz
disclaimer: this is done for fun only, no warranties.


German Morales


Add ideas or requirements here: