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How to use the BFAV2
Last updated at 8:16 pm UTC on 1 November 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

Open the SqueakMap Package Loader
Load the "BFAV2 Installer" package

Go to the World menu > open ... > BFAV

The BFAV2 will take a couple of minutes to load the listing of archive posts. The archive contained more than 14,000 posts as of December 2003). The BFAV2 collects posts with the same topic into a group. Once the BFAV2 opens, you can filter list of groups you see.

How to filter the BFAV2 list

When you select a post that you are interested in, there will be a brief delay while the BFAV2 either downloads the corresponding email message, or loads it from disk.
Once the post is loaded, use the listing-pane context menu to view the attachment(s) for a given post. It will list the attachments, if there are any, and the file-services available.

Once you have identified a submission you want to comment on, select it and using the mouse menu select the "open comments note pad." This brings up the CommentNotePad, a helper application designed to automate a lot of the annoying details about posting to the Bug Fixes Archive (QA tags, using parens correctly, getting the title exactly the same, etc). From the CommentNotePad:

Here's a screenshot of version 2.09 of BFAV2, which includes the handy Unreviewed/Reviewed/Approved/etc. tabs:
Uploaded Image: BFAVscreenshot.gif

See also: Managing BFAV Posts, What to do: "Last BFAV update failed: FileDoesNotExistException"